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Business Agent Lookup by Contract
Posted On: Jul 19, 2018

Buisness Agent Lookup by Contract:

Employer Agent Name
3M Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing  Scott Marsyla
ABM Engineering - Dock Street Flats Drew Brodeen
ABM Engineering - IDS Drew Brodeen
ABM Engineering-LPM Apartments Drew Brodeen
ABM Engineering-Medical Arts Building Drew Brodeen
Academy of Holy Angels Ken Wieken
Aitkin ISD #1 - Bus Drivers/Mechanics John Hane
Aitkin ISD #1-Custodians John Hane
Alexandria ISD #206-Clerical/Secretarial Dave Eiynck
Alexandria ISD #206-Custodians Dave Eiynck
Alexandria ISD #206-Food Service Dave Eiynck
ALLINA Abbott Northwestern Eng Scott Marsyla
ALLINA Buffalo Eng Scott Marsyla
ALLINA Cambridge Eng Drew Brodeen
ALLINA Cambridge Service Drew Brodeen
ALLINA Clinical Equipment Services John Hane
ALLINA Mercy Hospital Scott Marsyla
ALLINA United Hospital Scott Marsyla
ALLINA Unity Hospital Scott Marsyla
AmeriPride Linen Services Drew Brodeen
Augsburg College Ken Wieken
Bertha Hewitt W12P12 Dave Eiynck
Bertha Hewitt W9P12 Dave Eiynck
Bertha Hewitt W9P9 Dave Eiynck
Bethesda Scott Marsyla
Bimbo Bakeries Drew Brodeen
Bon Appetit - Carleton College Scott Marsyla
Brandon-Evansville ISD District No. 2908-Custodians Dave Eiynck
Brandon-Evansville ISD District No. 2908-EA's Dave Eiynck
Brandon-Evansville ISD District No. 2908-Food Service Dave Eiynck
Browns Valley Health Center Dave Eiynck
Cannon Falls ISD #252-Custodian Unit Julie Moeckly
Carleton College Scott Marsyla
Centennial ISD #12 Ken Wieken
Cerenity Wyn Massey
Certainteed Corporation Scott Marsyla
Chartwells Dining Service-Farmington ISD Food Service Julie Moeckly
City of Appleton Dave Eiynck
City of Carlos Dave Eiynck
City of Faribault Scott Marsyla
City of Inver Grove Heights Drew Brodeen
City of Litchfield - Public Utilities Dave Eiynck
City of Litchfield-Sewer Department Dave Eiynck
City of Litchfield-Streets Department Dave Eiynck
City of Mendota Heights Dave Monsour
City of Minneapolis Property Services* Drew Brodeen
City of Minneapolis-Convention Center* Drew Brodeen
City of Minneapolis-Water Department* Drew Brodeen
City of Northfield-General Unit* Drew Brodeen
City of Northfield-Library* Drew Brodeen
City of Northfield-Parks Unit* Drew Brodeen
City of Northfield-Streets Department* Drew Brodeen
City of Northfield-Utility Unit* Drew Brodeen
City of Owatonna Scott Marsyla
City of Parkers Prairie Dave Eiynck
City of Rochester Scott Marsyla
City of South St. Paul Drew Brodeen
City of St. Paul Wyn Massey
City of St. Peter-Parks Department* Drew Brodeen
City of St. Peter-Streets/Mntc Department* Drew Brodeen
City of St. Peter-Utilities Unit* Drew Brodeen
City of Waseca-Fire Department Scott Marsyla
City of Waseca-Streets Department Scott Marsyla
City of Waseca-Wastewater Scott Marsyla
Community Memorial Hospital - Cloquet John Hane
Concordia University Wyn Massey
Covenant Electric Duluth Federal Building John Hane
DECC Eng John Hane
DECC Hourly John Hane
Doubletree  by Hilton - Mpls South Julie Moeckly
Douglas County Hospital- Unit Support Dave Eiynck
Douglas County Hospital-Dietary  Dave Eiynck
Douglas County Hospital-Environmental Services  Dave Eiynck
Douglas County Hospital-PCA Dave Eiynck
Douglas County Hospital-Surgical Services Dave Eiynck
Duluth Labor Temple Association John Hane
Duluth Steam John Hane
Eastern Carver County ISD #112 Julie Moeckly
Fairview East Bank-Engineers Scott Marsyla
Fairview EastBank-Bio Med Techs Scott Marsyla
Fairview Southdale Hospital-Bio Med Unit Scott Marsyla
Fairview Southdale Hospital-Engineers Unit Scott Marsyla
Fairview West Bank- Riverside Scott Marsyla
Faribault clerical Wyn Massey
Faribault custodians Drew Brodeen
Faribault EA Wyn Massey
Faribault paras Wyn Massey
Farmington Custodians Julie Moeckly
Farmington ECFE Julie Moeckly
Farmington ISD #192-Food Service Julie Moeckly
Farmington paras Julie Moeckly
Floodwood  Custodians John Hane
Floodwood  EA John Hane
Floodwood Bus Drivers John Hane
Hamline Eng Ken Wieken
Hamline Maint. Ken Wieken
Health Systems Cooperative Laundries Drew Brodeen
Hennepin County Medical Center Scott Marsyla
Holdingford Custodians Dave Eiynck
Holdingford Ed Assts. Dave Eiynck
Houston Clerical Wyn Massey
Houston Custodian Wyn Massey
Houston Food Service Wyn Massey
Houston paras Wyn Massey
Intercontinental St. Paul- City Center Julie Moeckly
Intercontinental St. Paul- Riverfront Julie Moeckly
Inver Grove Heights ISD #199-Custodial Wyn Massey
Inver Grove Heights ISD #199-Food Service Wyn Massey
Jones Lang LaSalle-USPS Wyn Massey
JWP Clerical Wyn Massey
JWP Custodians Wyn Massey
JWP Food Serv. Wyn Massey
JWP Para Wyn Massey
Kemps, LLC Drew Brodeen
Lac Qui clerical Dave Eiynck
Lac Qui Cust Dave Eiynck
Lac Qui Ed Asst. Dave Eiynck
Lac Qui food srv Dave Eiynck
Lake Superior Bus Drivers John Hane
Lake Superior Custodians John Hane
Long Prairie Custodian Dave Eiynck
Long Prairie FS/Clerical/EA Dave Eiynck
Macalester Engineers Drew Brodeen
Macalester Maintenance Drew Brodeen
Macy's Drew Brodeen
Mahtomedi ISD #832 Ken Wieken
Martin County West - Custodians Wyn Massey
Martin County West - Food Services Wyn Massey
Martin County West - Office Personnel Wyn Massey
Mayo Clinic Health System - Engineers Scott Marsyla
Mayo Clinic Health System - Maintenance Engineers Scott Marsyla
Melrose ISD #740 Dave Eiynck
Mercy Hospital and Health Care Center - Moose Lake John Hane
Methodist Hospital Scott Marsyla
Metropolitan Airports Commission Scott Marsyla
Midway Scott Marsyla
Millenium Minneapolis Hotel Julie Moeckly
Minneapolis Children's  Scott Marsyla
Minneapolis Club Drew Brodeen
Minneapolis Fed Courthouse - CMC Ken Wieken
Minneapolis Labor Center Ken Wieken
Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) Drew Brodeen
Montvideo Ed. Asst. Dave Eiynck
Montvideo office personnel Dave Eiynck
North Memorial Medical Center-Bio Med Unit Scott Marsyla
North Memorial Medical Center-Engineers Unit Scott Marsyla
North St. Paul - pt driver Ken Wieken
North St. Paul FT dr/cust Ken Wieken
Northeast Metro #916 Ken Wieken
Northern Pines John Hane
Northfield ISD #659 Drew Brodeen
NRG Energy Center - HCEC Scott Marsyla
NRG Energy Center - MEC Scott Marsyla
Ordway Music Theatre Drew Brodeen
Palen Kimball maplewood mall Drew Brodeen
Palen Kimball Prudential Drew Brodeen
Palen Kimball southdale mall Drew Brodeen
Parkers Prairie Clerical Dave Eiynck
Parkers Prairie Custodians Dave Eiynck
Parkers Prairie Food Serv. Dave Eiynck
Parkers Prairies Ed. Asst. Dave Eiynck
Phillips Eye Institute Scott Marsyla
Radisson Hotel Duluth John Hane
Ramsey County Wyn Massey
Regina Scott Marsyla
Regions Hospital Scott Marsyla
Renville County West ISD #2890 Dave Eiynck
Roseville ISD #623 Wyn Massey
Science Museum of Minnesota Ken Wieken
Sears, Roebuck & Company Drew Brodeen
Shattuck St. Mary's School Drew Brodeen
South St Paul ISD #6  (12FT) Ken Wieken
South St Paul ISD #6  (9PT) Ken Wieken
South St Paul ISD #6 (12PT) Ken Wieken
South Washington ISD #833 - Custodians Ken Wieken
South Washington ISD #833-Bus Mechanics Ken Wieken
South Washington ISD #833-Ex Day Sup Julie Moeckly
South Washington ISD #833-Paras Julie Moeckly
St Thomas More Dave Monsour
St. Catherine eng. Drew Brodeen
St. Catherine maint. Drew Brodeen
St. Cloud Hospital Dave Eiynck
St. John's Scott Marsyla
St. Joseph's Scott Marsyla
St. Louis Bus Drivers Scott Marsyla
St. Louis Clerical Scott Marsyla
St. Louis Custodians Scott Marsyla
St. Luke's Hospital John Hane
St. Mary's Duluth - Engineers John Hane
St. Mary's Duluth - Service John Hane
St. Paul Arena Company, LLC Ken Wieken
St. Paul Schools Ken Wieken
St. Peter Custodian Drew Brodeen
St. Peter Food Service Drew Brodeen
St. Peter Food Service Dave Eiynck
St. Scholastica - Outside Unit John Hane
St. Scholastica -Engineers Unit John Hane
Stewartville  Wyn Massey
Stillwater ISD #834 Ken Wieken
Tri City  Food Service Drew Brodeen
Tri City Custodians Drew Brodeen
University of St. Thomas Ken Wieken
Verndale Bus Dave Eiynck
Verndale custodian Dave Eiynck
Verndale Ed. Asst. Dave Eiynck
Verndale Food Serv. Dave Eiynck
Verndale ISD Clerical Dave Eiynck
Wadena Deer Creek ISD #2155  Bus Dave Eiynck
Wadena Deer Creek ISD #2155 Ed. Asst. Dave Eiynck
Waseca clerical Wyn Massey
Waseca custodian Wyn Massey
Waseca food service Wyn Massey
Waseca para Wyn Massey
Waterville Custodian Wyn Massey
Waterville Food serv. Wyn Massey
West Rock Company-Instrument Shop Drew Brodeen
West St. Paul ISD #197 Wyn Massey
West Wind  Dave Eiynck
Whipple Building Ken Wieken
White Bear Lake Bus Ken Wieken
White Bear Lake Custodian Ken Wieken

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